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The foreword to
Turning The Hiram Key
by Colin Wilson
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Turning The Hiram Key
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The Tracing Boards Used to Illustrate Turning The Hiram Key

In Turning The Hiram Key, Robert uses the symbolism of the Tracing Boards and of the Kirkwall Scroll to illustrate key aspects of the spiritual teaching of Freemasonry.

The particular boards he choose to use are a modern reworking of the traditional teaching boards by two Irish Masons, Bros. Martin and Trevor Jackson.

First Degree Tracing Board (c) tracingboards.com Second Degree Tracing Board (c) tracingboards.com Third Degree Tracing Board (c) tracingboards.com

These talented symbolists and graphic artists also produced the striking cover for Turning the Hiram Key.

To see their work and to find out how to own your own full-size copies of the boards and a reproduction of the Kirkwall Scroll, then visit http://www.tracingboards.com.